Sunday, January 02, 2011

Elections in Ivory Coast (Part 3)

25 Dec. Though not quite to the same standard - no more cream cakes ! helicopters continue to supply provisions to the UN-controlled area where the Ouattara contingent is based.

In Part 1, I referred to BBC and RFI broadcasts have being taken off the air. This is the broadcasts on FM. They are now only available to people who have a short-wave radio (Twitter , rfi20101230-cote-ivoire-inquietude)

Gbagbo still has his supporters ...
En France, une trentaine d`intellectuels, principalement français et africains, ont appelé ce mercredi dans une lettre ouverte à « enrayer la menace de guerre» qui pèse sur la Côte d`Ivoire, rejetant toute intervention armée dans ce pays en crise (rfi/20101229-cote-ivoire-delegation-cedeao-retournera-le-3-janvier). 
Amongst them, Calixthe Beyala, whose views can be read at length here (, ... la crise en Cote d'ivoire - la théorie d'un complot se précise. 1 Jan 2011, c18:35).

To be continued.