Tuesday, October 25, 2022

No .. would ever ..

So Rishi Sunak has finally clawed his way to the top. If anyone remembers, in late-2019 Sunak was no. 2 at the Treasury, when Sajid Javid was Chancellor of the Exchequer. Then, soon after Boris Johnson's election win, Dominic Cummings tried to impose No. 10's choice of advisers on Javid. Javid said that no Chancellor would ever be prepared to accept that. But Sunak was. 

 As when Theresa May said that no British Prime Minister would ever effectively give away Northern Ireland, by accepting that it be treated differently from the rest of the UK in relation to the EU. But Johnson did, when he signed his Withdrawal Agreement, including the NI Protocol, after meeting the Irish PM on the Wirral in October 2019. 

Reportedly, Sunak worked tirelessly to undermine his boss at the Treasury.