Sunday, September 19, 2004

British Culture

The FT magazine was in good form again last weekend (11 Sep). There was John Lloyd on the angry old men, like John Le Carré. Then there was Aleks Sierz : 'British theatre leads the world in political drama, but at the moment all the plays say the same thing. In the words of The Times columnist Stephen Pollard, plays inspired by September 11 "range from attacking Bush and Blair for being stupid to attacking them for being evil" '.

Only one, Nine Parts of Desire, 'gave a voice to one of the reasons for the war : the oppression of the Iraqi people.'

Gillian Slovo, one of the authors of Guantánamo, says 'The New York Times had to apologize twice to its readers for its blind support of Bush.'  Sierz rightly refutes this in square brackets. The whole sorry story is tracked here. The only novelty Slovo brings us is the 'twice'. 


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