Monday, October 25, 2004

Difficult, but necessary

51 Iraqis, who had just completed their training for the Iraqi Army, unarmed and in civilian clothes, murdered near the Iranian border. More fuel for those who claim that Iraq is a 'catastrophe' or 'in chaos'. As with the bomb attacks on the UN or the Red Cross, or kidnapping and murder of contractors trying to rebuild Iraq and even aid workers, to me it just emphasises the difficulty of the task, but also its necessity. And causes me to have just a little doubt about Kerry. 

Iraqis say they want security, so the insurgents attack the police. The insurgents say they are against the 'occupation', so they attack people who are being trained for Iraq's own army. It is a campaign of pure, ruthless terror, which only foreshadows the re-establishment of the 'Republic of fear', or worse, that they seek.


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