Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Oh dear

Melanie Phillips again, replying to Roy Hattersley in The Guardian.
'Last Friday, I switched on The World at One when it was half over. So I do not know the name of the egregious ass who announced that the government plans "to nationalise the family". But I did catch the name of the politician who rebutted that manifest absurdity with admirable common sense and absolute conviction. It was Margaret Hodge...'

So guess who the egregious ass -- later described as the 'nameless female Savonarola at the top of the programme' was? You got it. Except that I wsn't at the top of the programme. I was in the middle, after Hodge and before Theresa May, whom he also heard. So why didn't Hattersley name me? Was it... because I am so great an enemy of the said socialist utopia and the nationalisation of family ... that I have now become She Who Cannot Be Named, and airbrushed out of the public prints altogether like in Stalin's photo albums?


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