Tuesday, January 18, 2005


I don't know if any women read this.. . Toxic Breast Milk? :

I sent my breast milk off to be tested for certain flame retardants called PBDE's, reputed in some press reports to be ''the next PCB,'' a class of industrial chemicals banned in the late 70's. ... one thing became clear to me: we live in a flame-retardant nation. The reason is polyurethane.  ...  It has just one problem: it's highly flammable.

[The Swedes found that] from the early 70's, when they first appeared commercially, to 1998, levels of PBDE's in breast milk were doubling every five years, a rate unmatched by any known chemical in the last 25 years. ... When European scientists first saw the test results of American women, they thought there must be a mistake. Our levels were 10 to 100 times higher than those of women in Europe and Japan.

''No one at this time knows at what levels nursing is not the best approach and in fact becomes harmful to babies, but such levels must exist.''

Florence Williams' article is still available here.

Iraqi Bloggers Central
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Two more things from the latest NYT magazine, on taxes and Social Security -  Breaking the Code  and  A Question of Numbers, The conservative New Deal:
But in this 70-year struggle, no other conservative has ever come as close to transforming the program as George W. Bush. ...

[His reform] could do more to reverse the New Deal, and even the Great Society, than Goldwater, Stockman and Reagan ever dreamed of. 
I forgot to give this link when I mentioned the blogs from Iraq  before. More on this here: American Iraqi Blog Provokes Intrigue - (see table right).

The presidential elections in Iran are due on 17 June, according to The Guardian last week. More on Iran: U_S_ Is Punishing 8 Chinese Firms for Aiding Iran -

'The Power of Nightmares' is repeated again this week. 'Best of all, by the end of the third part..., you may find yourself a lot less worried about global terrorism,' says David Butcher in the Radio Times. How I learned to stop worrying and love the Bomb. And I thought it was all about making us even more worried about the manipulations of our leaders.


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