Friday, July 08, 2005

A parable

Apart from excellent coverage of the London bombs, Norm had Nick Cohen on Terror and Liberalism by Paul Berman a couple of days ago.
I can remember very few times when I've admitted being in the wrong. Not wrong in detail, but wrong in principle. [...]

Actually, 'very few' is a self-serving exaggeration. The only time I realised I was charging up a blind alley was when I read Paul Berman's Terror and Liberalism. [...] He convinced me I'd wasted a great deal of time looking through the wrong end of the telescope. I was going to have to turn it round and see the world afresh. The labour would involve reconsidering everything I'd written since 11 September, arguing with people I took to be friends and finding myself on the same side as people I took to be enemies. All because of Berman.

The bastard.
It goes on to talk about 'the history of the French Socialist Party in the 1930s as a parable for our time'. One to read.
I don't think Norm had this obituary from The Times, Wednesday (6 Jul), though: E Solkar, Indian cricketer of the 1970's, best known for his fielding at short leg, died about 10 days before at the age of 57 of diabetes.
SIAW are/is now blogging at drinksoaked trots for war. Eric the U is active again. Again, must update the blogroll (sidebar).


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