Tuesday, August 23, 2005

a columnist

Via Harry, Andrew Sullivan in the Sunday Times :
When you read the anti-war blogs or a New York Times columnist, you get the sense it actually wants Iraq to fall apart, or Al-Qaeda to regroup, or another terrorist atrocity to succeed.
I suppose this could mean one particular NYT columnist (but then why not say which one?) It seems to me to mean closer to any NYT columnist. Which seems a bit unfair. It's not as if it's The Guardian or something.

Update: from Prospect, July 2005, Washington watch:
Life can get rough in the American think tank world, particularly for British scholars who don't know their place. The Times's best-ever Russian correspondent Anatol Lieven [..] has departed from the Carnegie Endowment in unhappy circumstances. His powerful new book on American nationalism (America Right or Wrong) inspired a waspish New York Times piece hinting that he was both anti-American and antisemitic. That's the neocon way of giving you both barrels. It was very unfair, and very lethal in modern Washington, potentially threatening the fund-raising streams on which think tanks depend.

Comments here (on 'Warlords' and the Warsaw uprising).


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