Sunday, October 16, 2005

Resistance (part 2)

In the world of blogs, Eric has this: Galloway and Israel. It certainly clears up a few things. 

Pick of the press: The Times on America's offer of a 'Gaddafi deal' to Syria

Ian Buruma writing inThe Guardian ('Tainted ground'). The article is OK, but he's done more robust pieces in the FT. Also, Martin Kettle argues for a more level-headed, less zero-sum approach to discussing on the terrorism  legislation.


Condoleezza Rice on the BBC: whereas John Bolton, a few days ago, repeated the familiar line: 'Iran is floating on oil and gas, developing nuclear weapons can be the only reason for their programme', Condi says 'the Iranians, if they want a civil nuclear programme, have to satisfy international concerns.'


Further to the point which unusually had Norman Geras agreeing with Seumas Milne a few days ago - 'Under the terms of the [terrorism] bill, anyone who voices support for armed resistance to any state or occupation, however repressive or illegitimate, will be committing a criminal offence...', there is a quite specific test case: Chechnya.

Moscow is angry with Britain for continuing to shelter Ahmed Zakayev, who has called the attacks in Nalchik "legitimate" (FT, 15 Oct).


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