Thursday, December 15, 2005

Munchau and Verhofstadt

In the FT, Wolfgang Munchau reflects, for the most part approvingly, on something proposed by Guy Verhofstadt, the Belgian Prime Minister ('In quest of ideas for EU's future', 12 Dec 2005).

Since the EU constitution is (probably) dead, it is argued that 'this leaves the12-nation Eurozone as the most coherent framework for further political integration.' The argument continues that 'this is not about keeping the British out.'

The ten new EU members are not only 'entitled to join the euro', they are obliged to join and they all, except Poland, have detailed plans to do so. So, it seems this is precisely about 'keeping the British out'.

Update: Pierre Moscovici, on France Inter this morning,  proposes more or less the same thing - the  Eurozone as the core for closer political integration - but only in response to a listener demanding that Britain should be entirely excluded from the EU!


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