Thursday, April 20, 2006


More on Peugeot

'Production at Ryton is understood to cost some €450 per car more than at PSA's plant at Poissy in France and almost €1,000 above the production cost at its joint venture factory with Toyota in the Czech Republic.' (The Guardian, 'Anger at Peugeot decision to quit Britain') That's an important clarification, though they obviously mean the Trnava plant in Slovakia. Also, they don't mention the relative costs of the factory in Spain.

Another bit: one worker said: "One of the managers said it was simple maths. It costs £11.50 [an hour] to build the 206 here, and about £2.50 to build it in Slovakia".

Le Figaro describes the closure as une délocalisation masquée: "Et bien que le groupe s'en défende, la fermeture de Ryton s'apparente à une délocalisation". ( Although the group denies it, the closure of Ryton is similar to a relocation.) The word délocalisation, usually translated as relocation or outsourcing, generally refers to shifting production to lower wage-cost countries, whether in China or Eastern Europe.
Emmanuel had some interesting comments on the labour laws (the CPE) - Figures de la rupture. Some of it is in English, if you follow the link to his previous post.
There has not been much coverage of the Hungarian election, compared to Italy's, say, but this post, from Harry of that place, with quotations from George Szirtes, reveals some interesting issues.


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