Thursday, February 14, 2013

Syria: the wrong analysis

Discussion forum on Al Jazeera, Saturday (Inside Syria,- Can dialogue end Syria's crisis? , 9 Feb 2013).

Hillary Mann-Leverett says, we [the US] are no longer fanning the flames as a way to overthrow the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran. US used discontent as a tool to produce regime change - same fantasy as we were told in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, with its disastrous outcome. She also repeats the dubious assertion that 50% of Syrians support the Assad regime.

I don't understand how someone can talk such complete drivel (and this is from a professor at the American University). As another of the guests, Joseph Kechichian, a Middle East analyst in Beirut, says, it is a genuine uprising by courageous Syrians, to bring about the removal of a regime that the Syrian people not the US - no longer wish to have.


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