Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Not forgetting Syria

More rough notes. Some of these events take on more significance in retrospect.

16/6  Egypt cuts off diplomatic relations with Syria (BBC WS)

17/6 Communism – at least in its powerful, Soviet style – was over. Mozambique, Angola, Ethiopia – country by country cruel, pointless proxy civil wars ground to an end. It was no longer in the interest of capitalists or communists to stir up the tribal, racial and variously venal motivations the various sides had for fighting each other.
 Why Syria's conflict is turning from a just war into a cold war -- Blast at Damascus military airport

18/6 Two new videos out of the Syrian civil war show some of the clashes happening in the the city of Daraya in Western Gouta, outskirts of Damascus and shelling on the residential areas in Al Rastan,  the third largest city in Homs. first - second  -

20/6 MPs to have vote on arming Syrian rebels (C4N).  29/6 air and land offensives on rebel positions in Homs, fighting in Qaboun, Damascus; children, plastic balls, report Bernard Smith, inside Syria  (Al J, 14:00). Major offensive on rebel positions in Homs (BBC WS, 22:00)

Via Joshua LandisThe Awakening Sunni Giant – Weiss – Saudi Arabia is dead-serious about ending the Assad regime ... A day after the Saudi king returned to Riyadh, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi severed all diplomatic ties with Damascus and called for a no-fly zone in Syria, leaving no mystery as to reason behind this decision. “Hezbollah must leave Syria – these are serious words,” the Islamist president said. “There is no space or place for Hezbollah in Syria.”

4/7 Russia vetoes resolution on Homs (BBC WS, 22:00).

5/7 Paul Wood (BBC WS, Newsday, 8:19) Face-to-face with Abu Sakkar, Syria’s ‘heart-eating cannibal’

9/7 Presence of al-Qaeda raises tension in Syria, Activists say dozens have been killed near Aleppo in fighting between al-Qaeda's branch and other opposition groups. Al Jazeera's Zeina Khodr reports from Dana, Aleppo.
Syria's ruling party in leadership shake up

10/7 further airstrikes on rebel areas of Homs, civilians dying for lack of medical supplies (BBCWS, 9:00).
Syrians 'protest over rebel siege' Paul Wood, moral clarity of early days of uprising has been lost, now revolution itself has become corrupt. Civil war within civil war (BBC R4, PM, 17:19 - 17:24)
Kylie Morris, Syria = Bosnia 1995, Intervention ? James Rubin, for; Paddy Ashdown, against (C4N). Will Syria suffer like Bosnia? - video -
Syria's al-Nusra Front – ruthless, organised and taking control, Ghaith Abdul-Ahad.

11/7 British jihadi youths 'doing their duty in Syria' - video -
12/7 Key Free Syria Army rebel 'killed by Islamist group' ...

13/7 Zeina Khodr @ZeinakhodrAljaz… #FSA "demands justice" after killing ; commander tells us "we want all foreigners to leave #Syria 
14/7  There has been another incident in which the Free Syrian Army and al-Qaeda-linked fighters, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, turned their guns on each other. On Saturday activists said they clashed for control of a strategic checkpoint in Aleppo. Tensions are on the rise especially after ISIL killed an FSA commander on Thursday. Al Jazeera's Zeina Khodr reports from Aleppo.

17/7 Syrian official shot dead in Lebanon - Crossing Aleppo's 'no man's land' -
18/7 Army chief: We risk war with Syria General Sir David Richards, outgoing head of the Armed Forces, warns of perils UK faces if it implements a no-fly zone over Syria.  (BBC R3, 8:00)
 Momentum Shifts in Syria, Bolstering Assad's Position  -

19/7 Zeina Khodr tweet, Kurd party PYD tells us: we won't allow any group to impose their will and share power in Kurdish regions 

21/7 13 killed from family, coastal region Syria; (BBC WS, 21:00) Deal, Raqaa, Kurds and AQ, exchange of prisoners (21:30)
U.S. Intelligence Official Says Syrian War Could Last for Years - Egypt to Take New Look at Syrian Ties - 10 hours ago

22/7 Aleppo: how Syrians risk their lives to cross the divide - Jonathan Miller reports
Zeina Khodr tweet,   rebel group Ahrar al Sham tells AJE they will take a stance against any force if interests of people harmed

23/7 US general, Martin Dempsey, Syria options  (BBCWS, 9:00) US general outlines Syria options -
How British women are joining the jihad in Syria -

24/7 Hoshyar Zebari 24 July 2013, For HARDtalk, Zeinab Badawi speaks to Iraq’s foreign minister, Hoshyar Zebari. He said he wanted to rehabilitate Iraq’s image after the fall of Saddam Hussein. But now sectarian violence in Iraq is arguably worse than ever before and is overlapping with sectarianism in neighbouring Syria. How can Hoshyar Zebari, himself an Iraqi Kurd, hope to have any coherent foreign policy, when his own country is in danger of slipping into civil war?

 Outlook - Wed, 24 Jul 13,  Amram Hadari, an Israeli doctor treating wounded Syrians;
Opposition coalition leader in Paris, meeting Francois Hollande (Al J, 22:30)

Zeina Khodr tweet -   : opposition takes strategic town of Khan al Assal but the fight for city has only just begun

25/7 Bernard Kouchner, former French foreign minister, speaks to John Humphrys. Today, 20130725: Syria, Kouchner - Opposition leader left Paris with nothing.

12h  ...: disillusioned rebels drift back to take amnesty via

28/7 Syrian army 'makes key Homs gains'  29/7 Khalidiya 'setback, but no defeat'

30/7 Kurdish politician killed in Syria

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