Sunday, September 19, 2004

Iraq still on the frontpages

Forget the predictably hysterical frontpages in The Guardian and The Independent (18 Sep), the FT's had the most interesting story : US snubbed by block on Nato officer plan

'France and Belgium on Friday underlined their continued misgivings about involving Nato in Iraq by blocking a plan to open a training academy for senior military officers there.
Michèle Alliot-Marie, French defence minister, warned the planned presence of about 300 Nato training personnel was unlikely to quell the violence in Iraq. "Iraq needs stability and it is not by putting more uniforms into the country that Iraq will have that." '

Update (20 Sep) : The Daily Telegraph's was interesting too of course : Secret papers show Blair was warned of Iraq chaos (registration required). See also this and this (the most detailed).

Timothy Garton Ash had some remarks on the Euro trio in an article called 'The end of Blairismo'.

Gregory Djerejian was rightly incredulous and comptemptuous of the Euro trio's attitudes and the remarks of French defence minister.


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