Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Colin Powell

Headlined 'Spending political capital', Powell told the FT  George W. Bush's election victory had given him a mandate to pursue an 'agressive' foreign policy (FT's Week in Review, 14 Nov).  'I intend to use the next 4 years to spend the capital of the US on [a Palestinian] state', George W. Bush,  press conference with Tony Blair, 13 Nov.

After he resigned, but before it became clear Condoleeza Rice was to replace him, a name often mentioned was John Danforth. John Snow on C4 News started saying, he's a preacher, he must be on the religious right. They were talking to James Rubin and someone else whose name I forget (a Bush I and Reagan man), this latter saying, yes, but he's an Episcopalian, you know, Church of England.


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