Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Condoleeza Rice

If   this article is going to get read, and re-reread, and read again, let me say it was obviously written in 1999, since 'Yeltsin is Russia's president'. :
The Clinton administration's approach has its advantages: If priorities and intent are not clear, they cannot be criticized. ...
Humanitarian problems are rarely only humanitarian problems; the taking of life or withholding of food is almost always a political act. If the United States is not prepared to address the underlying political conflict and to know whose side it is on, the military may end up separating warring parties for an indefinite period.  
Greg rightly highlights Condi's remarks on Iran, but Danielle Pletka at the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs would be a nightmare beyond all belief. One sample :
Iran, after all, is Terror Central: It has become an operational headquarters for parts of Al Qaeda, continues to sponsor Hezbollah and Hamas...
Powell at least managed to sort out one small thing.    


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