Thursday, December 02, 2004

France, Poland and Britain

Dennis MacShane on the radio, talking about the European Constitution.

On France Inter, of course, together with an Italian and a Spaniard, one of them a Christian Democrat (centre-right). Before that, Bernard Guetta - 'L’importance d’un « oui » '.

In France, the Parti Socialiste has just voted 'yes' to the Constitution. Poland is more favourable towards the EU as the subsidies have been rolling in since the summer (also the Ukraine crisis). I might also mention as more important that they are seeing the benefits of access to European markets : there was an item a month or so ago about a Polish farmer selling his apples to Britain at a much higher price than he got previously.

As for Britain, the referendum could well come down to a question of staying in or leaving the EU, Guetta maintains. In later questions he says that a clear, if not huge, majority want to remain in the EU. (Update : for the other 22 members, there is no question but that they will vote 'yes'. )


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