Thursday, February 17, 2005

e-mail to star from Mosul
We'd all like to vote for the best man but he's never a candidate.

'I wonder why wise men didn't like voting! Search for quotes encouraging us to vote.. They're very few! But the one telling us not to vote are too many that I had to choose which one to put here..'

'Maybe 4 years from now, I'll go vote.'
'Democracy is the worst possible form of government - apart fom all the others that have been tried.' Winston Churchill, from memory. (Maybe he's not the best person to quote: he thought about using gas warfare in Iraq in the 1920s and sent British troops in to take control in 1941, when it seemed that Iraqis might go over to the German Nazis. )  

Still, in Iraq now the current process, elections and so on, are the worst possible course of action - apart from all the others that might be thought of.

Americans establish order first, before any elections - continued occupation - nobody wants that or thinks it would work.

Americans just hand over to an Iraqi government - who would be seen as puppets anyway.

Americans withdraw their troops - 'elections cannot be held under occupation' - leading to chaos and/or seizing of power by small unrepresentative group (again).


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