Friday, February 25, 2005

Moazzam Begg

Interview on Channel 4 News, extracts here...

Update (25 Feb) It's interesting: somebody can be radicalized by Bosnia and Chechnya (Palestine and Israel were never mentioned as far as I recall), but still be opposed to what happened on 11 Sept - an unprovoked attack , he called it.

On the subject of Guantánamo, I might mention again the article in the FT Magazine of December 11, 2004 (subscribers only link)   This is available on the Christus Rex website(see comments here, though this does have the irritating habit of changing the headings.
Here they have [Inside the Guantánamo Bay hearings
Barbarian "Justice" dispensed by KGB-style "military tribunals"]   

The headings of the original were [Dock of the bay
The Pentagon says there is nothing wrong with the hearings it has been forced to set up to ensure that the Guantánamo Bay inmates are being justifiably imprisoned. The FT security correspondent went to Cuba to see for himself. ]  [Inside the Guantánamo Bay hearings] appeared on the front cover of the print edition.


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