Monday, March 21, 2005

Syria Comment

Worth reading - this for example:
In the midst of the demonstration coverage on Syria TV yesterday, the programers cut away to a prerecorded interview with a Baath Party hack intellectual about the significance of the March 8th Baath Revolution of 1963. It was quite extraordinary. The Syrian interviewer asked the Baathist analyst, "Why do we celebrate March 8th if it was really a military coup?" The Baathist had to explain that even though the military took over, the Baath was helped to power too. Then the interviewer asked if democracy had really been established in Syria as the Baath Party insists. The Baathist had to deliver a tortured explanation about how Syria is like a ship in a storm. Due to outside pressures, the ship needs a strong captain, etc. "Mistakes have been made," he ultimately confessed. It was [quite] extraordinary to see a Syrian TV moderator press a Baathist like this. His answers were convincing to few, to be sure.
And this from February:
What would Hafiz al-Asad have done” is one of the often asked questions here [in Damascus]? One closely placed source answered this question without hesitation: “The father would have joined Bush’s “coalition of the willing,” just as he joined Bush the father in 1991. In exchange he would have secured a free hand in Lebanon.” The president stood against America in Iraq. For that he will have to pay with Lebanon – perhaps more.


Blogger Joshua Landis said...

Dear DavidP, Thanks for your kind links. Have been reading your most interesting essays. Notes of the Iraq-Iran war and Israeli policy are very helpful. Great stuff. Best from Damascus, Joshua at

5:46 pm, March 21, 2005  

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