Monday, May 23, 2005

German crisis

Shock horror!! A decent article in The Spectator. Mind you, it is by an FT man - 'Anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism, anti-capitalism ' It's about Germany (and France).

I meant to post this yesterday; since it has been overtaken by events. Gerhard Schröder's supporters were said to be shocked when he announced national election following the defeat in North Rhine-Westphalia. BBC (R4) chose not to lead with that news, but with its own strike. Anyway, here is the text of Schröder's statement.

Dr. Elisabeth A. Lloyd on the Logic of Female Orgasm :

the most convincing theory is one put forward in 1979 by Dr. Donald Symons, an anthropologist. That theory holds that female orgasms are simply artifacts - a byproduct of the parallel development of male and female embryos in the first eight or nine weeks of life. In that early period, the nerve and tissue pathways are laid down for various reflexes, including the orgasm...
There is no pun intended in the title of this post.


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