Thursday, May 19, 2005

UK vote?

Denis MacShane on C4 News, Wednesday night - interview referred to on BBC news the following morning, question as to whether UK should still hold a referendum if the French vote 'no'. Somebody who was recently in the government says that nobody in Europe thinks there would be, but the official line is still that there would be. Here's MacShane in The Observer, a few days ago...

'the foot of one of the attackers, in a marketplace bombing last week that killed 22 people in south Baghdad, had been found taped to his vehicle's accelerator. In another case[...] the attacker's hands were taped to the vehicle's wheel. The implication was that those planning the attacks wanted to be sure that the vehicles would continue to their targets even if the drivers were killed by American or Iraqi gunfire as they approached.' Generals Offer a Sober Outlook on Iraqi War.


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