Thursday, May 12, 2005

Nuclear options

BBC radio said they had an interview with a former US negotiator with North Korea on their website, but I couldn't find it. These are interesting, though.

European Officials Warn Iran, Dafna Linzer, May 12, 2005

Iran: Nuclear Pursuits, Joseph Cirincione Director for Nonproliferation, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, May 11, 2005

After what seemed to me a strange lack of comment on the effect of UKIP/Veritas, I see there is a raft of letters in The Times: 'John R. Gregory (letter, May 10), the Labour majority could have been reduced to less than 20 if it were not for the intervention of the UKIP'.

Also, Peter Riddell says, 'A “no” vote [on the European constitution] could also be presented as a riskless way of getting rid of Mr Blair as Prime Minister. The only way that might be avoided, and the vote won, is if Mr Blair announced beforehand a firm date for leaving office regardless of the outcome.' Fair point. Bernard Guetta is mentioned in The Times, too.


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