Friday, September 09, 2005

Normal service

I think I've caught up on the backlog of things I wanted to say, so we're more or less in real time now.

Last night [8 Sep], on BBC World Service's Newshour, Robert Fox (I think) analyzed the recent increase in violence in south of Iraq. There seems to be a 'new axis' following the election of a new president in Iran. (If you want to 'listen again', it's in the second half of the programme.)

Ralph Nader on BBC Radio 4 this morning talking about money being taken away from the maintenance of the  levees to pay for the war in Iraq. It seems to me there is a lot of after-the-eventery in this.  I can't recall too many people saying beforehand 'we should spend the money on protecting New Orleans rather than invading Iraq' (apparently the issue figured prominently in the local media, but I'm talking about at a national level). 

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