Friday, October 21, 2005

Mehlis report

Much has been leaked in the last few days, especially in the German press (the investigator is German), but the Mehlis report on the assassination of Rafik Hariri has now been published.
Comments here and here ( Michel Aoun on France Inter, not saying very much, but asked whether President Emile Lahoud should be singled out for blame: 'il y avait beaucoup de méchants'.
 08:20 (CET) Question Directe,   08:41 Radio-Com, c'est vous).

Update: I've listened to the Michel Aoun interview again. This is roughly what he said at the end (in the Radio-Com piece, about 14 minutes in).
'President Lahoud est un seul homme parmi d'autres. Lahoud est responsable pour 7 ans, [les autres] sont responsables pour 15 ans. Il ne faut pas fractionner le problème du Liban, disant qu'il y a des bons et des méchants. Il y avait beaucoup de méchants: tous ont collaboré avec les Syriens.'

Analysis on the BBC WS, last night (Thursday), was about the ´al-Zawahiri letter´
The web site was not up to date when I looked, but maybe it will be soon. Meanwhile, you can listen to the one about... Mr Hariri's death.

On Today, Thursday: ´0833 Jean-Louis Bruguiere, France's top anti-terror judge, tells us why he believes the terrorist threat in Europe is still very high.´  Listen. I've only heard a shortened version of this.


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