Saturday, October 29, 2005

Proscribing the IJU

According to The Times,
HAZEL BLEARS, the Home Office minister, has been accused of misleading parliament by presenting “false” intelligence over the threat posed by an alleged Islamic terrorist group. Blears told MPs this month that an Uzbek organisation, the Islamic Jihad Union (IJU), was a threat to British interests overseas and announced that it was to become a proscribed organisation. 
Blears told MPs that information on the group had been received directly from British intelligence sources which showed it to have been responsible for a series of bombings in Uzbekistan in March 2004. Her account was accepted at the time by MPs but has now been challenged by Craig Murray [...]He said that while he was ambassador he had warned the British government over accounts of bomb attacks connected to the IJU. He suspected they may have been concocted by the Uzbek government to justify local police killing a number of dissidents.

“The official accounts were not credible,” he said. “I went to one of the sites where a suicide bomber was meant to have launched an attack. It was a triangular courtyard and not one of the windows was blown out and there was no sign of significant damage. “I sent a telegram to London — copied to the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC) in MI5, to the Foreign Office and the Ministry of Defence — about the inconsistencies of the accounts. “JTAC agreed with my assessment that the official version of events was not credible [...]

[Murray] says MI6 has no staff in central Asia and was relying on information from other sources — possibly the Uzbek government itself.
Compare this earlier account.


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