Sunday, November 27, 2005

Pickled Politics

This really is a superb site. For example, Sunny in 'The Guardian (and me) on British Muslims after 7/7', where some of the best bits are in the comments.
As [Tariq] Ramadan said, there needs to be a seperation of the religious and political aspect.

People link the two, but why should anger against the war translate to suicide bombings? That is a huge step to make and a result of some hardcore brain-washing. The point is why is this brain-washing taking place, who is doing it, and what can be done to stop it. The war in Iraq is merely a recruiting tool for Al-Qaeda - they’ve been killing Muslims and non-Muslims for years before that.
On marches failing to 'stop the war':
I went on the march too. But political decisions don’t always go your way. This is a long political struggle that Muslims should get involved in. Just having one march, and then expecting things to go your way is politically naive.
On having a march against Al Qaida:
Do I really have to point this out? It’s a symbolic act towards Muslims and non-Muslims. How exactly does it show solidarity towards Islamophobes? If this country was full of Islamophobes than the extent to which Muslims are treated would be a lot, lot worse. You forget that Muslims have killed more people than non-Muslims have in religious hatred crimes (taking 7/7 into account).
On the alcohol issue:
You seem to be quite naive if you think politics revolves around the pub. Despite that, they don’t have a “no Muslims allowed” sign. Go in there and drink an orange juice. After all, alcohol is served in restaurants and Muslims have no issues going into them.  ...


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