Sunday, December 18, 2005

Shavkatjon Madumarov

From The Economist article cited before...
Shavkatjon Madumarov was an imam working in Istanbul who was arrested when he returned home to Uzbekistan for a holiday. At his trial, he complained that his health had rapidly deteriorated after he had been forcibly injected with an unknown substance.

When the judge failed to deliver a guilty verdict, for lack of evidence, he was replaced by another who did. Shavkatjon received a six-year sentence, but four days later he was dead.

Update - a couple of links: Shavkat Madumarov was serving seven years in jail for alleged ties with Wahhabis... Craig Murray ;
Uzbek Muslim Leader Dies of Torture... The Uzbek authorities have said that Madumarov died last month from an HIV ... mosnews.

(Yahoo gives a better result than Google on this search: Madumarov Uzbekistan judge -Adaham -Adakhan -Adahan -Adakham )

Update 2 - The death certificate says: "cause of death: HIV infection".) His body was returned in a heavy metal coffin, welded shut, and with 40 security men present to make sure the father didn't open it. Mr Madumarov wants an independent autopsy...

Update 3 - another link: Jailed Uzbek imam killed by authorities -family.


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