Monday, January 09, 2006


More4 is an offshoot of Channel4: more time for them to tell us what a disaster the intervention in Iraq was. 

Unfortunately, my current technology does not allow me to watch or record both this (on digital) and 'Balderdash and Piffle'. So, it will have to be the latter. Much of the rest of the 'season' seems to be repeats (Peter Oborne, again).

Thank goodness for Democratiya.

Update: I suppose the programme could have been worse. On Blair's decision to take part in the invasion, in spite of Bush offering that the British should just come in for the 'peace-keeping', as indeed Jack Straw suggested, Peter Riddell remarks that this was 'one of the most fascinating moments in recent British politics. .. It was inconceivable that Britain would stand aside at that point: it would be saying, "we're not really in the big league". 


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