Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I've had a few hits from people searching for Shavkatjon (or Shavkat) Madumarov. Here is a link to the article in The Economist I originally cited: After the horror, more horror

"Why I am a relativist" I found is also the title of a piece by a professor of Philosophy at the University of Reading, David Oderberg. My own post 'Why I am a Relativist' still figures quite closely behind his.

A search for Caricature of Mohammad  comes up with my post containing 'caricature de Mohammad' (Khatami). That's pretty good, but what about this? Searching for compromis entre athene et jerusalem  brings another of mine at the top. 'Entre' appears elsewhere in the archive page, in an unrelated place, but matching 'Athène et Jerusalem' to 'Athens and Jerusalem' is really impressive. You do have to set 'show English pages only' (in the preferences) and then search for the French phrase.


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