Tuesday, April 25, 2006


On Sunday I received an email to tell me that I had been accepted as a blogger on the Euston Manifesto. This means that not only do I appear on their sidebar, or blogroll, but also that I am aggregated so that my entries appear here as I post them. I don't know how this works - the EM says that it takes RSS feeds, but Blogger says that it does not allow these, unless you have Blogger Plus, which you can't get any more - but it does: there I am at about 23 hours ago.

The problem was that when I came to make my first post subsequently, on Monday, I could not see that it was working. Blogger was having serious problems: it was not actually publishing my posts. In fact, I thought at one point that it was the fact that I had got myself 'aggregated' that was causing the problems with my blog. I tried various things until I found Blogger's forum, where there were dozens of frustrated users around the world who were experiencing exactly the same problem. Everything seems OK this morning. So this will probably be the first post that pops up at the top.

After all that, I suppose I should give a link to the Euston Manifesto. I will put it in the sidebar by and by.


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