Wednesday, May 17, 2006

le Manifeste d'Euston!

The EM in French. It's almost finished.

Now here's an interesting bit of translation (from C. Elaborations). It's those R-words again:
We defend liberal and pluralist democracies against all who make light of the differences between them and totalitarian and other tyrannical regimes.

Nous défendons les démocraties libérales et pluralistes contre tous ceux qui relativisent les différences entre elles et les régimes totalitaires ou tyranniques.
OK, so French and English are just different languages, you may say.  But here's NormG (sorry, Euston) at one point saying,  'We reject, also, the cultural relativist view according to which these basic human rights are not appropriate for certain nations or peoples',  at another,  'We stand against all claims to a total — unquestionable or unquestioning — truth'.  No wonder we're all so confused.
I haven't had much time the last few days to make my own posts here,  but, apart from making some comments on the translation and doing some tidying up and corrections of recent posts,  I have also commented on the French media.

A final note:  concerning relativism,  I did get a hit for one of my posts on the subject from a search for "It holds his estimate and dignity" (As well wherein 'tis precious of itself). The same lines are quoted in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World  (along with half the rest of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare).


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