Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Complain, complain, complain

More Sykes

You may have seen The New York Times report on the consequences of the bombing of the Palestine Hotel. You may also have seen that I mentioned Hugh Sykes in a recent post.  Another report of his has occasioned the following complaint to the BBC.
I am writing concerning Hugh Sykes' report from Baghdad (PM, BBC Radio 4, Monday 12 Jun 2006). He reported from the area around the Palestine Hotel, noting how the journalists and local businessmen who used to frequent the place are now virtually absent, following the terrorist/insurgent attack on the hotel (on 24 Oct 2005).

He concluded his piece by saying that this was due to the lack of planning for the period following the invasion of Iraq (in March 2003), leading to a vacuum of power.  

The concluding remarks go beyond legitimate analysis and explication. They are a polemic for a particular point of view on the intervention in Iraq.

That is the main substance of my complaint. However, if you would like to see to what extent the BBC has become a propaganda machine for this point of view, perhaps you would care to look at my analysis of Broadcasting House, 11 Jun 2006 - see the link below.



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