Friday, June 09, 2006

More Revelation$$$sss...

...on Clearstream? 'The hatred [between de Villepin / Chirac and Sarkozy] surpasses anything that we could imagine?'

Denis Robert has another book out shortly: "Clearstream, l'enquête". Interview with  him, Thursday evening on France Inter. (I may update this post when I have had the chance to listen to the interview again.)

Update: a couple of points from the interview. The death of EADS boss, Jean-Luc Lagardère (see here), was said to have been 'in mysterious circumstances'.  Denis Robert said he found it 'troubling', without following Jean-Louis Gergorin into speculation as to who was responsible.

Secondly, Denis Robert was assisted in his researches by Florian Bourges, a former auditor with Arthur Andersen. Imad Lahoud claimed to have hacked into Clearstream's systems. In fact, he used information from Florian Bourges. This was shown by the fact that he left 4 columns containing Bourges' analysis in the files that he passed, anonymously, to French judges, having added the names of Sarkozy etc (see also 'Imad Lahoud mis en examen dans l'affaire Clearstream', Le Monde, 09 Jun.2006).


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