Thursday, June 29, 2006


THE REVOLUTION WILL BE BLOGGED, after all, apparently. From FP's email. Having previously got into a comments thread argument with siaw, I will not be claiming copyright this time. Seriously, the blogs mentioned in the article could be worth a look (if you read French):; (in French).
I won a prize for a comment here. Actually, it was just for being the 1000th. But I thought it was quite good. Just to expand my remark - 'I don´t think ´fisking´is the right word.' I'm all in favour of new words, when they fill in a gap in the language. A "fisk" to my mind is when you violently disagree with something and want to pick apart its absurdity. To use the word when there are perfectly good existing words - critique, analysis - is pointless. More than that, it's a mystification.


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