Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pulling the strings?

Bernard Guetta,  in a typical rant,  on British politics:  'Tony Blair marchait vers un avenir radieux mais ce rêve s’est perdu dans le chaos irakien. Il ne s’est, au contraire, jamais remis de l’aventure irakienne...'  Il ne faut pas exagérer... M  Cameron est également en faveur de l'intervention en Irak.

It did however get me thinking.  I wrote some time ago about his views on Iraq and how they 'evolved' shortly before he became leader of the Conservative party.  This is not often mentioned in the British media. We can only guess at the reasons for it.  It was also reported yesterday that Rupert Murdoch has given an interview to The Australian,  where he says he is thinking about supporting David Cameron.


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