Thursday, May 22, 2008

Which side are you on ?

Fascism in Britain didn't just go away after the Second World War, according to a recent programme on the BBC. It drew fuel from the situation of the British mandate in Palestine, where Jews were fighting "our boys".  Many Jews, with the sympathy of left-wing groups, took "direct action" against  fascist rallies.

Seven years after the war, Oswald Mosley returned to public life with a rally at which the chants could be heard: "Two four six eight, who do we appreciate?" "M-O-S-E-L-E-Y;" "One two three,  four five six, who will stop the Jew boys' tricks?"

Some British Jews soon went from fighting these now almost-forgotten battles in the streets of London to the impending struggle in Palestine, while a number of Mosley's supporters joined the "Arab Legion" to fight against the emerging state of Israel.

('A rage in Dalston', broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 19 Apr 2008)


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