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Egypt: divided

Just taking a step back and listening to some interviews from 2 July (BBC WS, Africa Today) ... NSF spokesman, Khaled Dawoud, does not call for Morsi to be ousted or for military coup, but for early presidential elections. (So, did the coup go further than the protests demanded?) Later he says Morsi should resign. He equates calls for being ready for martyrdom with inciting to violence. Gehad al-Haddad, Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, says all attempts to bring back parliament have been blocked by the judiciary, opposition leaders refuse to come to the table.

Al-Sisi himself , in his Washington Post interview, says:
Only 20 days before Morsi was ousted, the public was only calling for reshuffling the government. But ten days later, the demands changed to having early presidential elections. Five days later, the call was for Morsi to leave.
So, al-Sisi went with the escalated demands of the anti-Morsi movement, rather than continuing to seek compromise, maybe on the basis of the earlier demands. Of course, plunging the country into an even deeper crisis, of which the resolution is difficult to see.

Various propositions have been floated: MB sources said they were willing to compromise. It was proposed that Morsi should return for one symbolic day; in return al-Sisi would also step down; also the upper house (Shura council) should be reinstated and there should be the return of the constitution (Al Jazeera, 4 Aug ). But so far all attempts to reach agreement have failed: both sides' positions appear entrenched.

On 6 Aug., Gehad al-Haddad 'told Reuters news agency that the Brotherhood had rejected the diplomats' pleas to "swallow the reality" that Mohammed Morsi would not return as Egypt's president' (Egypt diplomatic efforts gather pace). On Twitter, he shows he has some sympathy with the view that the US planned / supported the coup:
(‏@gelhaddad 5 Aug) "Although written in March 8, 2013 by a former CIA officer, it shows how early planning 4 started & involv. "
(5 Aug) "The Grand Scam: Spinning ’s » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names "


30/7 Ashton to stay extra day (Al J, 00:00). Ashton has met Morsi (BBC R3, 08:00) She was taken by helicopter, suggesting he is outside Cairo (BBC WS). EU mediation, both sides revile US, Jim Muir (PM, 17:10). Obama sends Republican senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham as envoys to Cairo. Members of armed services committee (Al J, 22:30) Ousted Egypt leader 'in good health' -

1/8 Egypt's grand negotiation under way - Rights groups worried about violent crackdown in Egypt

2/8 Police to blockade pro-Morsi sit-ins -

Secretary of State John Kerry is seeking to clarify controversial remarks he made about the crisis in Egypt. Kerry had earlier told Geo TV in Pakistan that the Egyptian military did not take over and oust President Mohammed Morsi, but instead was "restoring democracy'' in Egypt. His comment was seen by some as a signal that the US was siding with the military, even though the State Department has repeatedly said the US is not taking sides.
In London on Friday, Kerry insisted that all of the parties - the pro-Morsi supporters and the military - be inclusive and work toward a peaceful resolution of the crisis. He says the interim government should respect demonstrators and the protesters have a responsibility not to prevent the nation from moving forward. [AP]

3/8 Khaled Dawoud, in Doha studio (Al J, 00:20)

Blogger The Big Pharaoh, no friend of the MB (The Road To #Jun30) :
I’ve stated before that I prefer if Morsi continued his term. However, this doesn’t seem to be the consensus among the new activists behind the Tamarod campaign or the poor people who will protest because they wait for 5 hours before getting some fuel for their trucks.
Refuting The Myths Around June 30 Failing to protect the Muslim Brotherhood offices is not the same as not "siding with a political faction".

On Al-Jazeera's lopsided coverage of Egypt

4/8 Egypt crisis affects manufacturing industry  - Diplomatic push to end Egypt crisis - Egyptian men leave country for work -

5/8 Diplomatic moves to end the crisis in Egypt appear to be gathering momentum. Al Jazeera sources say that the foreign ministers of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates are to join European Union and US envoys in a meeting with the jailed deputy leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. ... more "anti-coup" marches are planned by the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies.  Fresh diplomatic efforts to end Egypt crisis

Shrines in Sinai attacked (Al Jazeera)


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