Thursday, September 23, 2004

Jospin has spoken in Le Nouvel Observateur.

Bernard Guetta asks : why is the Left consubstantial with the European project ? 2 traditional reasons :
1. hatred of nationalism, reinforced by the second world war ;
2.  a united Europe is needed to have sufficient weight to defend social policies against global capital.
add to this
3. it is urgent to have a counterweight to the 'new unilateralism of the US'.

François Bayrou : the left is reaping what it sowed (récolte ce qu’il a semé)- by pushing the idea that liberalism is a horror and Europe equals liberalism (the British left used the same argument in 1975, I recall). Blindingly obvious that France alone cannot stand up against global capital. (France Inter, 23 Sep)

By the way, Blairisme isn't quite dead (see) : they used one of his speeches in an advertisement for Eurostar.


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