Thursday, October 28, 2004


I installed Google Desktop Search  the other day. I came across these while looking for it. Old news, I know.  (20 Oct)

Myanmar power play dashes reform hopes
Reuters - 1 hour ago
The ouster of Myanmar's prime minister, architect of a tentative "roadmap to democracy", has dashed faint chances for an end to military rule and leaves Southeast Asia's policy of constructive engagement in tatters.
Facts about Burma Boston Globe
Myanmar prime minister under house arrest Independent Online

My weblog is now googlable. You just have to register your home page. Something else I came across.

From a very long thread on Daniel Drezner :

And my liberal friends please tell me: ... It is a damn shame I have to go to Bush and the "conservatives" for a liberal foreign policy.
: M. Simon on 10.18.04 at 12:32 AM


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