Saturday, December 04, 2004

A red herring...

...leading to a storm in a teacup. Dennis MacShane on the radio again 

This time on BBC Radio 4 this morning. Well not actually 'on', they just played a very bad recording of some remarks he made to students. Most of the focus naturally was on the 'red herring' remark (referring to the 5 economic tests for joining the Euro) and the Blair / Brown struggle. One Labour euro-sceptic spoke of those who, regardless of economic advantage, would take us into the Euro (currency) and the (European) constitution come what may, as if there was any chance of entry into the Euro being considered before the decision on the constitution is made.

What MacShane actually spoke about was the importance for Britain's relationship with Europe of upcoming elections - the General Election (in May 2005) and the referendum on the constitution (spring 2006, if Labour wins the first).


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