Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Watching and listening

Watched Yasmin, which was shown on Channel 4 a month or two ago. This is about British Muslims. There is not much I can say that would do justice to it, so I will just say, watch it if you get the chance.

Listened to In search of time past from the BBC. There's plenty of the homosexuality and about the war (see here), but minor characters like the Prince de Guermantes are dropped, not surprisingly since the series is a mere 6 parts, and also the Dreyfus affair (as far as I heard, though I did miss part of the series). This could be hard for a British audience to relate to (even my late French teacher had not heard of it). It is though still occasionally mentioned in French literary discussions, for example on the radio. One snippet: the idea that Zola, as somebody born of Italian immigrants, was not a 'true Frenchman' and so took Dreyfus's side.

David Kelly, maybe, was the Dreyfus de nos jours (not to mention, de notre pays). The Government Inspector, shown last week, again on Channel 4, is a treat still to come for me.

The French CSA's ban on al Manar (see here) has been ratified and adopted at the EU level, even transmissions by the Internet being blocked, apparently.


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