Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Protestant England

Ruth Gledhill in The Times "Now retirement at 80...": 
It is going too far to speak of the death of Protestant England, but it certainly represents the death of that dreadful but deep-rooted prejudice which for so long infected the British psyche — the prejudice against anyone or anything with an allegiance to the Church of Rome.
Anti-catholic prejudice might be dead in England, but sadly it's a little different in Scotland.

Josie Byzek here (via duckdaotsu ):
But it seems -- seems, I say: I'm not sure this is accurate -- that progressive groups are so locked into the debate as defined by the pro-lifers that they're not willing, or are unable, to give weight to our perspective on these issues.
I ask my fellow progressives to tweeze the disability perspective out of the culture-war rhetoric of either "life at all costs" or "better dead than disabled." Don't let the rightwing continue to frame this issue. Instead, help us articulate the nuances of our perspective in the public debate.


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