Sunday, October 30, 2005

Selected quotes

Orhan Pamuk, as we know, is facing charges of 'public denigration of Turkish identity'. He was interviewed by Maureen Freely in The Observer last week, 

 The governments of Europe were aghast, with the case raising serious questions about Turkey's attempt to join the EU. As his translator, I was only too aware that this was a bitterly ironic twist for Pamuk, who has long been a supporter of Turkey in Europe and European-style social democracy in Turkey. Like many of his friends, I suspected that his prosecution was the work of nationalists in the judiciary who want neither.

In one right-wing newspaper, selected quotes were rearranged to suggest that Pamuk had retracted his original statement, although in fact he reiterated it.

In some reports, there was also the suggestion that he had softened his statement in the hope it might lead the authorities to drop his case. A similarly worded article that had no byline found its way into the Guardian and other newspapers across Europe last Monday.



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