Saturday, July 08, 2006

Complain again

The NatWest Three (Updated)

I had a reply to my previous email, but it didn't really answer my question. So, I am sending another one, as follows.

I am sure that our courts have acted in accordance with the laws as laid down by Parliament. However, I have grave concerns about the laws agreed by yourself and your colleagues.
Sally Ireland, senior legal officer at Justice, the human rights group, said the laws placed defendants in the "bizarre situation" of being able to avoid extradition only if they could show there was enough proof of their guilt to try them domestically.

"If the authorities here think there is enough evidence against you, you are protected from extradition," she said. "Whereas if they think there isn't enough evidence against you, you are not protected."
The Financial Times, 8 July 2006. (Listen also to the The Today Progamme interview with  Baroness Scotland. )

Towards the end of the article in today's FT, it says:
Last-minute attempts to stop the transfer of the men continue, through business protests and a proposed amendment to the police and justice bill to establish a presumption that those suspected of crimes committed entirely or in part on UK soil should be tried domestically.
I urge you to support any such proposal.


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