Friday, July 14, 2006

Israel, Lebanon... (and Gaza)

(Thursday) Israel is demanding that the government in Lebanon extend its control of the country to the borders with Israel... Jim Muir, on the BBC, said that the Lebanese army was like a stick that would break if it were used against Hezbollah militia in the South...
The United States vetoed a UN resolution concerning Gaza.  US Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, said that the resolution was 'unbalanced' in its condemnation of Israel, in spite of the fact that it was redrafted several times to include criticism of actions by the Palestinians. Ten Security Council members voted in favour of Qatar's motion, while four abstained (including Britain).

This morning, Israel is attacking the road from Beirut to Damascus.
Edward Djerejian on the BBC WS (Listen Again: 7:32  )
Rob Malley on BBC R4 (The UN Security Council holds an emergency session today in New York to discuss the violence in Middle East).
Hubert Védrine on France Inter  7:20

Update: More experts on the BBC's Newshour, Friday night(around 20:12 GMT ). Well worth a listen. Almost everything else was squeezed out by this, but there was time for a disturbing report from Afghanistan.


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