Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Update on the 'NatWest Three'

There seem to be one or two bloggers on the Euston aggregation who take an opposite view from me. Fortunately,  Stephen Pollard's post, attacking the critics of the extradition, has received a hostile response.

The affair gets more and more kafkaesque: 'Lord Goodhart, the Liberal Democrat constitutional affairs spokesman, said that he would move amendments today aimed at blocking extradition to the US without evidence of guilt being provided. [...] But Baroness Scotland urged them to delay until she had the chance to make the case to the Americans. “I want to have the opportunity to explain face to face our frustration at the Senate’s delay without having to defend a spurious and wrong-headed amendment designed to score an anti-American party political point.” ' (The Times, 11 July 2006 )  The legislators are urged to delay, while the men are sent off to the US without delay.

For your convenience, here is an alternative link to John-Paul Flintoff's 2004 article.  www.friendsextradited.org has much more of the press coverage.


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