Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ignoring Darfur

I haven't got anything substantive to say about Sudan, but I did hear a particularly devastating report by Magdi Abdelhadi, on the BBC World Service. I couldn't find much on the web, though. I don't think us plebs are supposed to have access to this: Order for 2200 GMT World Briefing Tuesday.
Q23 (22) Abdelhadi Darfur Media  629 Approved 22:34:45 0:02:08 [..]
The pressure on the UN is heightened by the western media's focus on the plight of the two million people who have been driven from their homes. But as our Arab Affairs Analyst, Magdi Abdelhadi, explains the Arab media has not shown the same interest in their fellow Muslims in Darfur. Magdi Abdelhadi reporting.
I'm a little confused by the times given. What I heard was on 'World Briefing' at around 21:25 GMT (22:25 BST). By chance, I also came across this, evidently from 2003:
Abstract: With just hours to go before the American ultimatum to President Saddam Hussein expires, people in Baghdad are bracing themselves for war, with hospitals clearing their beds to deal with casualties. The Iraqi authorities remain defiant. Our correspondent reports from Baghdad, a city where few shops are open and essential goods have shot up in price.US and British forces have been moving into forwar[..]


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