Friday, September 08, 2006


MPs deliver anti-Semitism report (Thursday 7 Sept - 7:32). It's worth reading the report in full for examples etc.
111. Antisemitism is no longer the sole preserve of the political far right, as it was throughout much of the twentieth century. It now occurs across the political spectrum.
119. [..] In its 2005 General Election manifesto, the BNP included a promise not to go to war for “neocon adventures on behalf of the Zionist government of Israel”.
Spot the difference from those who claim to be at the other end of the spectrum.

From a quick look at the Euston Manifesto aggregation, Normblog points to a later discussion on the Today Programme and comments on one of the contributors. Some people though continue to deny reality. A commenter at Harry's Place says:
No, the BNP becomes HP. Both fanatically anti-Islam and ready to champion Israel's right to attack Iran pre-emptively. Different people, same Middle East policy.
Lionel Jospin (incredibly enough still thought of as a possible presidential candidate for the PS, in spite of coming third in 2002) says that Sarkozy is "too American" and has not criticized the invasion of Iraq recently  (interview on France Inter, Mon 4 Sept).
Update (14 Sept) Antisemitism is Back - Denis MacShane, MP  (Comment is Free)
Sadly, it is no longer possible to post on the CiF thread. Here is my comment for what it's worth:
I know what the comments below this short blog will be before they are posted. Can I just respectfully ask Cif readers to hold back a while and read our report.
Some of us downloaded the report as soon as we heard about it on the radio and have been blogging in support of it. The BBC had a fair amount of coverage.


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