Monday, September 11, 2006


While I was away, I did buy a copy of the Guardian, a couple of weeks ago. This caught my eye, from Sari Orabi, deputy editor of the Minbar al-Islah, or the Platform of Reform, a Hamas newspaper:
"What happened in Lebanon increased the belief of people living in the area that resistance is the only language that the occupation understands," he said. He sought to distinguish Hizbullah from the Palestinian militant movements [..] He noted the differences between the two sides, pointing to what he said were Hizbullah's tactical advantages.

"We don't enjoy support from outside the country like Hizbullah does," he said [..] " Remember also we are under direct occupation by the Israelis, not like Hizbullah." (26.08.06: Hizbullah: the new heroes on the streets of Ramallah )
So, what sort of an occupation are Hezbollah and Lebanon under?


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